Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Place

Keegan Macree at seven months old,
Our own Irish with a heart so bold.
Did sit in puppy class,
(Amazed his owner lass.)
Keegan Macree takes Misty Pines gold!

September 30, 2006
Keegan wins first place in the puppy class sit/stay contest at Misty Pines. Posted by Picasa

Take a Break!

Keegan Macree with sand on his face
Thinks surely there is no better place.
Vacations are so fun,
All our worries are gone,
Yes we agree, paws down, in this case!

After a long walk on the beach, Keegan takes a break. Posted by Picasa


Keegan Macree amazed by the sea,
Small, brave, and mighty as he can be.
Lovely little red dog
Can get lost in the fog.
Hold on tightly to me!

Keegan sees the Atlantic Ocean for the first time at the Outer Banks (Corolla, NC). Posted by Picasa

Six Months Old

Keegan at 6 months old August 20, 2006 Posted by Picasa